Jonathan Morris,  Senior Pastor


Jonathan has been traveling to various nations for the last few years, training leaders and leading evangelism and church planting teams. He’s seen more than 100,000 come to faith in Christ, and hundreds of new churches and Christian groups started. Currently, his short-term campaigns are focused in the Philippines, Russia, South Asia, and East Africa.

He is also President of CMC International, a global church planting and pastor’s unity movement that has helped plant more than 25,000 churches in more than 45 countries.

Jonathan is passionate about bringing people to Christ and making disciples in many regions of the world. Through his work in SPAN, he wants to see ‘people’ movements to Christ and ‘church planting’ movements so that Christ can be worshipped “in every village.”

Since 1970, he has pastored churches in the United States. He currently pastors a church in Malibu, California, USA.

Jonathan lives with his wife, Cathy, in Santa Rosa, California. His five grown children live in various locales around the United States. Currently there are twelve grandchildren.

Wayne Headley, Pastor & Elder


Wayne has more than 15 years’ experience as a pastor and missionary.  Recently, Wayne has been helping to lead an Malibu Fellowship home group in Malibu.  Wayne spent several years as a missionary with ENM.  He was previously a Children’s Pastor at the Bethel World Outreach Center in Nashville and General Manager and Associate Pastor at the Global Café, a project of Dr. Rice Broocks and Every Nation Church.  Professionally Wayne developed and sold a successful clothing retailer and has many years’ experience as a sales professional.  His wife and two daughters live in Canoga Park, CA.

Gerard Long, Elder


President of Awakening To God,  a global ministry focused on sharing faith, hope and love to bring healing to the Brokenhearted.  Gerard is also Executive Director of Alpha USA, minister, evangelist, author, motivational speaker, and former banking executive. He was formerly the Director of Alpha USA, an organization specialized in introducing people to Christianity supported by multi-denominational churched in over 169 countries.

Robert Steele, Worship Pastor & Elder


Robert has been ministering in Malibu since 2003.  As a worship leader, over the past ten years, he has played worship in many churches around Southern California and recorded on two worship albums.  Robert hosts a church in his home on Wednesday at 7 pm at 11907 Bray Street in Culver City, CA.  He also serves on the board of CMC International, a global missions organization.  Robert has more than twenty-five years experience as a technology entrepreneur.